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Siraya Tenacious (1kg)

 62.95 (vat excl.)
- High Impact resistance - Easy to print compare to other flexible resins - Great as additive to increase strength for other resins - Best to print at 25C or higher - Developed for LCD/DLP printer

Advanced Glass Plate with PDMS for Moai 200

 60.00 (vat excl.)
- Glass - PDMS layer (3mm) - special film (sticks on top of PDMS)

Peopoly Heater for Moai

 50.00 (vat excl.)
- Best option to heat your resin - Fits Moai 130 and Moai 200 printer and other

Siraya Blu (1kg)

 54.95 (vat excl.)
- Best and toughest resin on market! - Great for making functional parts - Formulated for LCD resin printer but can work for DLP printers - Fast and easy to print. Best when resin temperature is above 25C - Smooth surface with great resolution - Set contains 2x 500g bottles - Easy to wash, post cure, paint and sand