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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K LCD

  • 10-inch 12K mono LCD
  • XY resolution of 19×24μm
  • Build volume of 218.88×122.88×260 mm³

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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K LCD 3D Printer

  • 12K Print Quality: Elevate your 3D printing with unmatched precision. The Saturn 3 Ultra boasts a 10-inch 12K mono LCD, delivering an astonishing resolution of 11520×5120 and XY resolution of 19×24 microns for incredibly detailed and sharp prints.
  • COB+Refractive Light Source: This printer utilizes a COB + refractive light source, minimizing light dispersion and ensuring uniform light distribution. The result? Exceptional prints with smooth surfaces and precise dimensions.
  • Release Printing Speed: The Saturn 3 Ultra features the innovative ACF release film, specially crafted for this printer. With reduced release force, one side is frosted (face down), and the other is smooth. Paired with ELEGOO Rapid standard resin, it achieves printing speeds up to 3 times faster, hitting 150 mm/H.
  • All-Metal Stability: The Saturn 3 Ultra’s all-metal machine body enhances stability and durability, even with frequent use. Its modern design adds an elegant touch to your workspace.
  • Ultra-Steady Printing Performance: Enjoy steady and precise printing with the integrated ball screw and dual linear guide rail on the Z-axis. This setup ensures stability and accuracy, even at high speeds, reducing layer texture for impeccable final prints.
  • 4-Point Leveling System: Say goodbye to repetitive leveling. The 4-point leveling system with clockwise-tightening screws makes alignment a breeze. The laser-engraved build plate ensures excellent adhesion during printing and easy model removal.


  • 10-inch 12K mono LCD
  • XY resolution of 19×24μm
  • Build volume of 218.88×122.88×260 mm³
  • Up to 150mm/h printing speed + ACF release liner film
  • Linux OS with 4Gb RAM
  • Wi-Fi transfer speeds of 6-10Mbps
  • User-friendly 4-point leveling system


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