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SUNLU S2 Filament Dryer


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SUNLU Filadryer S2

Revitalize your filament

  • Eliminates excess moisture from 3D printing filament.
  • Avoid clogging, poor adhesion, and layer migration.
  • Dual heating element structure for faster, even heating.
  • Rapid and efficient drying.
  • Navigate temperature (35-70℃) and time (199 hours) with a 4.6-inch touch screen.
  • Real-time display of settings: time, temperature, humidity.
  • Select preset codes like PLA for default settings.
  • Customize settings as needed.
  • Marquee function indicates heating progress.
  • Compatible with PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, PA, Nylon, and other 3D printing filament spools (1kg).
  • Supports filament diameters: 1.75mm, 2.85mm, 3.00mm.
  • Compatible with most FDM 3D printers, including SUNLU T3, S8, S8 PRO, S9.

Innovative 360° circular heating method

Ensures thorough drying of moisture-laden filaments, significantly enhancing printing outcomes.

Large Touch Screen

4.6-inch LCD touch screen, providing easy access to all settings such as Heating Temperature, Time, Filament Type, and LED Light.

Say Goodbye to Moisture Issues

Designed to address common printing challenges such as Clogging, Layer Shift, Stringing, and Adhesion, the SUNLU Filadryer S2 effectively tackles filament moisture concerns.

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