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Sunlu PLA+ Meta White 1KG


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  1. Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: Prioritizing environmental responsibility, this filament is both non-toxic and biodegradable.
  2. Soft and Warm Color Palette: Featuring soft and warm colors, it adds a touch of vibrancy to your prints.
  3. Minimal Shrinkage: With a low shrinkage rate, this filament ensures dimensional stability in your 3D prints.
  4. High Strength and Rigidity: Boasting impressive strength and rigidity, it delivers robust and durable printed objects.
  5. Exceptional Toughness: Resilient and not prone to breakage, this filament ensures the longevity of your printed creations.
  6. Lower Printing Temperature: Operating at a printing temperature of 185~195℃, it not only saves energy but also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing printer heat loss.
  7. Excellent Fluidity: Offering superior printing fluency compared to traditional PLA and PLA+, it significantly enhances the success rate of your prints.
  8. Enhanced Fall and Impact Resistance: After rigorous fall tests, this filament demonstrates approximately one times better resistance to falls compared to standard PLA and PLA+.
  9. Suitable for a Range of 3D Printers: Compatible with all models of FDM 3D printers, it is ideal for crafting, artwork, and industrial design samples, among other applications.

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In stock

PLA Meta stands as a tailored innovation by SUNLU, presenting a modified version of PLA with enhanced characteristics. Surpassing regular PLA, PLA Meta boasts 1.5 times greater fluidity, rendering it exceptionally well-suited for high-speed 3D printing applications. This filament excels in both impact resistance and toughness, ensuring durability beyond the capabilities of standard PLA and even PLA+.

The resilience of PLA Meta shines through in real-world scenarios; a 3D printed model crafted with PLA Meta won’t shatter upon impact if accidentally dropped. Elevating your creations, the vibrant colors inherent in PLA Meta 3D printer filaments yield glossy surface prints—ideal for a spectrum of applications, from arts and crafts to diverse 3D projects.

Noteworthy for its exceptional adhesion and superior layer bonding, PLA Meta simplifies the 3D printing process, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful prints compared to traditional PLA and PLA+. To add to its appeal, SUNLU PLA Meta boasts an impressive accuracy, surpassing most PLA filaments by up to 0.02mm. This precision contributes to its standing as the preferred 3D printer filament for users passionate about achieving optimal results in their 3D printing endeavors.

Biodegradable Material Sunlu’s PLA filament is crafted from premium PLA material (polylactic acid), offering full biodegradability and a lower melting temperature. It doesn’t require a heated bed, and the printing process is virtually odor-free. Strict Quality Control Our 1.75mm filament maintains an error margin of just +0.02, ensuring precision in every print. Experience the assurance of neatly arranged filament that is 100% tangle-free. Vacuum-Sealed Packaging Our commitment to quality extends to the packaging. Sunlu filament is meticulously sealed in airtight packaging to safeguard against moisture, ensuring that each roll arrives in the user’s hands in impeccable condition. Experience the unwavering consistency of Sunlu filament quality.

Compatible with Your Lifestyle Incorporate SUNLU PLA and PLA Plus filament into your life to bring your artistic, DIY, and industrial printing projects to fruition.

Printing Perfection

Experience seamless printing with SUNLU PLA/PLA+. Achieve high purity, minimal shrinkage, and exceptional layer adhesion, making it the ideal choice for your projects that demand superior tenacity in functional parts.

Don’t let color restrict your creativity. SUNLU PLA offers an extensive range of rich color choices, each boasting high purity and saturation. Immerse yourself in a pure color experience with our vibrant selection.

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