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Hard & Tough resin eSun Blue 1kg


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  • 1kg Bottle
  • Short curing time
  • No deformation during modling
  • Smooth surface
  • High precision.
  • Safe and eco-friendly metal packing

Due to its excellent mechanical properties, it’s suitable for all kinds of models, housings and some engineering parts with rigid requirements, such as automotive, medical equipment, electronic products, architectural models and other high-strength, high-hardness hand-made samples.

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In stock

This is a resin with high physical strength, high hardness and high toughness similar to ABS filament. Experiments have shown that the 3D model produced by eSUN’s Hard-Tough Resin product, such as the carrier gear, can withstand high impact forces and other high-strength mechanical pressures. While using electric drills to test the toughness of the resin, there’s no breakage on the model even after a few drills. For the application field, the material needs to have extremely high stress and strain performance, and that’s why eSUN developed Hard-Tough Resin.

Hard-Tough Resin is a urethane acrylate photocurable resin suitable for LCD printers. To ensure the good quality and stability, eSUN is fully formulated with high quality imported raw materials with the following advantages:

  1. High impact strength;
  2. Higher shock resistance than normal resin;
  3. Rigid resin, excellent mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile and bending;
  4. High surface hardness and wear resistance.


Applicable wavelength: 395-405nm

Operating temperature: 18-35 ° C

Exposure time: 20-30s on the bottom layer, 8s on the normal layer

Pls adjust the setting until you get the best print performance.

Weight1.3 kg
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