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eSun PETG Solid Black 1KG


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PETG filament offers unbeatable cost performance in 3D printing. Its impressive features include water resistance, chemical resistance, and remarkable toughness.

PETG material surpasses ABS in toughness, while prints exhibit a translucent, smooth surface. You can achieve PLA-like printing ease without the need for a temperature chamber.

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In stock

eSun PETG Solid Black 1KG Filament

Premium PETG Filament for Exceptional 3D Printing

Unlock a new level of 3D printing with eSun’s PETG Solid Black Filament. This 1KG reel offers unmatched clarity, strength, and compatibility for your FDM 3D printing projects.

Key Features:

Excellent Clarity and Durability

PETG Filament provides excellent clarity, light transmission, and high gloss. It’s waterproof, highly tough, impact-resistant, mechanically strong, and offers weather and chemical resistance. With good stability, it combines the best of PLA and ABS.

Precision Printing with Stable Tolerance

Our filament ensures stable dimensional tolerance, minimizing warping, and ensuring consistent feeding. You’ll enjoy good layer bonding, minimal stringing, no bubbles, and no cracking, resulting in outstanding surface finish and high precision.

Tangle-Free & No Plugging

This 1KG 3D printer filament reel offers 350-355m of hassle-free printing. It boasts perfect roundness and a very tight diameter tolerance, ensuring smooth, constant feeding without clogging the nozzle or extruder. No tangling or overlapping.

High Compatibility for Versatile Printing

PETG offers high toughness and mechanical properties similar to ABS while being easy to print and resistant to warping like PLA. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications, including toys, stationery, electronic accessories, cosmetic containers, and more.

Freshness Sealed In

Our filament arrives vacuum-sealed with a desiccant bag, maintaining its optimal condition and protecting it from dust or dirt until you’re ready to start your next project.

Weight1 kg

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