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Bluecast X-One V2


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Bluecast X-One V2: The Ultimate Castable Resin Solution


Experience the pinnacle of castable resin technology with X-One V2, a groundbreaking product meticulously crafted by BlueCast for DLP and Monochromatic LCD machines. This innovative resin boasts a low-temperature melting polymer, ensuring not only a flawless surface finish but also impeccable lettering. BlueCast’s commitment to perfection is evident in the development of X-One, specifically designed to yield flawless casting results across various investments and burnout cycles. Notably, X-One stands as the first castable resin with an impressive 0% shrinkage and unparalleled dimensional stability.

Bluecast X-One V2 Upgrades:

1. Consistency with Print Profiles

X-One V2 maintains the same print profiles as its predecessor (V1), ensuring a seamless transition for users familiar with the earlier version. The consistency in print profiles streamlines the printing process for a hassle-free experience.

2. Improved Resolution for 12k Printers

Witness a significant leap in resolution, especially tailored for the latest 12k printers. X-One V2 delivers superior accuracy, minimizing bleeding and maximizing the potential of high-resolution printers for intricate and detailed designs.

3. Enhanced Printability, Especially for DLP Technology

Experience improved printability, particularly optimized for DLP technology. With X-One V2, there is no need for additives, simplifying the printing process and ensuring a smooth workflow. BlueCast’s commitment to user convenience is evident in this enhancement.

4. Increased Stability at Low Temperatures

X-One V2 stands out with increased stability at low temperatures, providing reliability even in challenging printing environments. This upgrade enhances the resin’s adaptability to a wide range of operating conditions, ensuring consistent results.

5. Superior Meltability for Micro-Details and Engravings

Delve into the world of micro-details and intricate engravings with X-One V2’s improved meltability. This feature allows for precise reproduction of fine details, catering to the demands of intricate designs with unparalleled accuracy.

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