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Anycubic Standard Resin Gray 1kg


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Product Features
● High Precision & Fast Printing
● Strong Adhesion & Easy to Detach
● Stable Performance & Various Colors

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In stock

Anycubic Standard Resin Gray

  • Top-Choice for Entry-Level Users: Following the classic formula, Anycubic Standard Colored UV Resin is well integrated and in balance with the performance on printing precision, hardness, fluidity, etc.
  • High Precision, Fast Printing: This resin ensures the strength of molded parts and not excessive shrinkage, but also improves print speed, shortens the curing time and enhances the printing efficiency of LCD machines as much as possible.
  • Strong Adhesion During Printing, Easy to Detach After Forming: Not only success rate of printing and precision is high, but also the resin release force and adhesion are minimized, so that the model attached to the forming platform can be easily shoveled up. And low viscosity facilitates the cleaning of machines and models.
  • Stable Performance, Wide Compatibility: Stable and easy to store under different climatic conditions, it overcomes the shortcomings of other resins that are easy to be softened by moisture and corroded by the environment.; Sensitive to 365-410 nm UV wavelength, especially, better results
  • User Guide: To ensure its stable performance, please shake the resin well before use and keep sealed and away from light after use; To ensure your safety, please wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.

General Resin, the best choice for beginners

Classic pattern / high precision printing / Ouick printing / various colors available

A classic formula for beginners

As Anycubic’s best-selling resin, this standard color UV resin provides balanced performance in terms of print performance, print layer adhesion, model detail, print accuracy, hardness, durability, fragrance, fluidity, and ease of cleaning.

General resin with balanced parameters

Anycubic Colored UV Resin can meet users’ demands on the material properties of general resin and provides balanced performance in terms of stiffness, hardness, durability and detail.

Stability and high accuracy of the model

The shaping accuracy is within ±0.2 mm. Based on the energy uniformity of the device, the shaping accuracy can be controlled within ±0.1mm to ensure good details and characteristic details.

Smooth fluidity and fast printing

The good fluidity of Anycubic Standard Colored UV Resin shortens the printing process and enables faster molding. Along with the increase in monochrome displays, the printing speed of LCD devices has increased significantly.

Different colors and wide use

A variety of color options are available to suit your needs, including the most popular colors on the market, clear mold colors that are easy to paint in post-processing; And it can be used to create animations, cultural and creative character models, detailed models, skin and texture prototypes, etc.

Compatible with standard LCD and DLP printers

As a pioneer in the global desktop LCD 3D printer and desktop DLP 3D printer, Anycubic considered the compatibility of LCD and DLP technologies in the initial stage of research and development of standard resin, which makes Anycubic standard resin compatible with common LCD 3D printers. and a DLP 3D printer.

Resin Parameters

UV wavelength365-405nmElongation at break12-16%
Density1.13g/cm³Molding shrinkage4.5-5.5%
Viscosity200-230 cP·mPa·sFlexural strength50-60 MPa
Hardness84-86 HSFlexural modulus1400-1600 MPa
Tensile strength40-50 MPaConservation period18 months

Model Print

Recommended Printing Parameters

Printer ModelLayer ThicknessExposure TimeLight-Off TimeBottom Exposure TimeBottom LayerAnti-Aliasing LevelZ Lift DistanceZ Lift SpeedZ Retract Speed
Photon Mono M7 Pro0.05mm2s0.5s25s418mm6mm/s6mm/s
Photon Mono M5s Pro (Normal printing mode)0.05mm3.6s0.5s30s518mm6mm/s6mm/s
Photon Mono M5s Pro (Fast printing mode)0.1mm3.8s0.5s30s515mm20mm/s20mm/s
Photon Mono M5s (Normal printing mode)0.05mm2.8s0.5s25s518mm6mm/s6mm/s
Photon Mono M5s (Fast printing mode)0.1mm3.2s0.5s25s415mm20mm/s20mm/s
Photon Mono M50.05mm2.8s0.5s25s518mm6mm/s6mm/s
Photon M3 Max0.05mm3s2.5s50s6110mm2mm/s3mm/s
Photon Mono X 6Ks0.05mm2.5s0.5s20s518mm2mm/s3mm/s
Photon Mono X20.05mm2.5s0.5s25s518mm2mm/s3mm/s
Photon Mono 20.05mm2.5s1s25s516mm4mm/s6mm/s
Photon D20.05mm2.8s1s30s6165mm2mm/s3mm/s
Photon M3 Plus0.05mm1.5s0.1s23s314mm6mm/s6mm/s
Photon M30.05mm2s0.5s23s416mm3mm/s4mm/s
Photon M3 Premium0.05mm2s0.5s25s218mm6mm/s6mm/s
Photon Ultra0.05mm2s1s35s445mm2mm/s2mm/s
Photon Mono X0.05mm2s0.5s28s418mm2mm/s3mm/s
Photon Mono 4K0.05mm2s0.5s40s616mm4mm/s6mm/s
Photon Mono X 6K0.05mm2s0.5s23s618mm2mm/s3mm/s
Photon Mono SQ0.05mm2.3s0.5s23s615mm3mm/s3mm/s
Photon Mono SE0.05mm1.5s0.5s30s616mm4mm/s6mm/s
Photon Mono0.05mm2s0.5s40s616mm4mm/s6mm/s
Photon S0.05mm8s1s60s616mm3mm/s3mm/s

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