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Anycubic Standard Resin Skin 1kg


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Anycubic Standard resin Skin 1KG

Capacity: 1kg
Colour: Skin

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Anycubic Basic Resin Skin 1kg

Experience Vibrant Colors and Exceptional Performance with Anycubic Colored UV Resin

Unlock a world of creativity and efficiency with Anycubic Colored UV Resin. Specifically designed for entry-level users, this top-choice resin combines the perfect balance of printing precision, hardness, fluidity, and more. With high precision and fast printing capabilities, it guarantees outstanding results for your 3D printing projects.

Key Features of Anycubic Colored UV Resin:

  • Classic Formula for Entry-Level Users: Anycubic Standard Colored UV Resin follows a time-tested formula that ensures optimal performance. With its balanced characteristics, it delivers exceptional printing success rate, precise model details, hardness, resilience, and fluidity, making it the ideal choice for beginners.
  • High Precision, Fast Printing: This resin guarantees the strength of your printed parts while minimizing shrinkage. It improves print speed, reduces curing time, and enhances the overall printing efficiency of LCD machines, providing you with quick and precise prints.
  • Strong Adhesion and Easy Detachment: Achieve excellent adhesion during the printing process, ensuring a high success rate and precision. However, when it comes to detaching the model from the build platform, the minimized resin release force and adhesion make it effortless. Additionally, the low viscosity of the resin facilitates easy cleaning of both your machines and models.
  • Stable Performance and Wide Compatibility: Anycubic Colored UV Resin offers stable performance under various climatic conditions. Unlike other resins susceptible to softening or corrosion, this resin remains resilient. It is highly sensitive to UV wavelengths ranging from 365 to 410 nm, delivering exceptional results when used with Anycubic 3D resin printers.

User Guide:

  • Shake Well and Store Properly: Before each use, ensure you shake the resin well to maintain its stable performance. After use, securely seal the container and store it away from direct light to preserve its quality.
  • Safety Measures: Prioritize your safety by wearing gloves to avoid direct skin contact. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation in the printing room for a comfortable and safe printing experience.

Additional Features of Anycubic Colored UV Resin:

  • General Resin with Balanced Performance: Anycubic Colored UV Resin offers a well-rounded material performance, including stiffness, hardness, resilience, and intricate details, satisfying the requirements of various applications.
  • Stable and Precise Model Printing: Achieve impressive molding precision within ±0.2mm, with the potential to reach ±0.1mm when using equipment with energy uniformity. This ensures precise details and characteristic features in your prints.
  • Smooth Fluidity and Quick Printing: Benefit from the resin’s excellent fluidity, enabling faster printing processes. With advancements in LCD technology, the molding speed for LCD equipment has significantly improved, resulting in quicker and more efficient prints.
  • Wide Range of Colors and Applications: Anycubic offers a variety of vibrant colors, allowing you to explore diverse creative possibilities. Whether you’re creating animation models, cultural figures, detailed prototypes, or structural models, this resin caters to your unique needs.
  • Compatibility with Mainstream LCD and DLP Printers: Anycubic’s standard resin is compatible with mainstream LCD and DLP 3D printers. Designed as a pioneer in desktop 3D printing, Anycubic ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of printers, guaranteeing a smooth printing experience.

Discover the brilliance of Anycubic Colored UV Resin, offering exceptional performance and compatibility with mainstream 3D printers. With its balanced characteristics, stability, and vibrant color options, it opens up endless possibilities for your creative ventures. Experience the future of resin 3D printing today.

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