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Ameralabs SiOmaster LED Gray 1L


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  • This resin is compatible with most LCD and DLP resin 3D printers equipped with light sources emitting 385-420nm UV light.
  • It is compatible with both color and monochrome LCD 3D printers.

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Only 1 left in stock

Ameralabs SiOmaster LED Gray 1kg

SiOmaster resin was developed for professionals utilizing spin casting and SiOCAST injection molding machines. SiOmaster resin allows you to 3D print master models that can withstand a high-temperature silicone rubber vulcanization process up to 180° C multiple times without breaking or deforming. This enables companies to reuse their master models multiple times to produce several molds.

3D printing has become a go-to solution for the production of many models: industrial parts, prototypes, and miniatures. However, once the production quantities increase to the hundreds, it makes sense to switch to spin casting in metal or injection molding with SiOCAST machines to produce plastic parts. In such cases, 3D printing is used just as a first step to turning a digital model into a physical object. This 3D printed model is then placed into silicone to create a mold, which, in turn, will be used to produce multiple copies of that initial 3D printed model.

Anyone who has ever tried making silicone molds knows that silicone takes the tiniest details from the master model and replicates that in the final product. Therefore, the 3D printed master models that are being copied have to capture details just as the digital designer imagined them. SiOmaster resin does exactly that.

Not only does it print great and reproduces all details of the model, but it also has a balanced amount of flexibility. This flexibility is crucial during the silicone vulcanization process. During this process, the silicone is placed under high pressure and high temperature inside a steel frame. Other 3D printing resins with high-temperature resistance will break due to the high pressure. On the other hand, flexible resins will deform due to high temperatures and produce deformed molds. SiOmaster resin has just enough flexibility to withstand pressure and sufficient temperature resistance to stay stiff enough at higher temperatures. All of this prevents tiny details from breaking during the vulcanization process while maintaining the dimensional accuracy of the parts.


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