XYZ EeezCure 180

 440.00 (vat excl.)

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Modern design and large exposure space

Very effective and easy to use chamber, ideal for placement in the laboratory, own studio or office. Despite the compact design, the maximum size of hardened objects is Ø180 x H200 mm. Thanks to the affordable price, everyone can become a professional.

360 ° Curing the design to increase its durability and strength

The hardened chamber is equipped with a rotating table and reflective inner mirror. Stable, calm and clear orientation of the UV lamella for the curing of the photopolymer resin print in 360 ° in a very short time. After the curing process, the durability and strength of the printed element is increased.

Environment-friendly, easy and pleasant to use

Compared to mercury lamps in other UV curing products, the XYZprinting UV curing chamber uses UV LEDs. The light source does not produce ozone, which is why it is energy-saving and more environmentally friendly. The lifetime of the lamp can last up to 10,000 hours, ensuring the best stress-free use.

Weight 10 kg
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