Varseo S

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Varseo S (DLP, 405 nm)

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Bego Varseo S

The printer supports “open” files in the STL format, which is used by all dental applications. The printing system offered by BEGO is labeled “MDR Ready” – which means that it enables complete documentation of the process – from scanning to final execution. As a result, BEGO Varseo 3D S is the only printer on the market that meets the strictest requirements for the production of medical devices.
The Varseo 3D system is a system that was created especially for prosthetic laboratories.

Special resins for 3D printing offered by BEGO:
• VarseoWax Splint – for making splints and bite recorders,
• VarseoWax Surgical Guide – for making implant templates and
other auxiliary elements in implant prosthetics,
• VarseoWax CAD / Cast® – for partial dentures and templates for
overpressing (along with a specially designed investment for this purpose),
• VarseoWax Tray – for individual spoons,
• VarseoWax Base – material for making full denture plates,
• VarseoWax Temp – for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges,
• VarseoWax Model – for making models,
• VarseoWax Crown & Bridge – for making final crowns and bridges

All BEGO 3D printing resins offer the highest reliability, maintaining printing and processing parameters. The result is that the work production process runs smoothly and produces repeatable end results. The CE mark guarantees safety and efficiency, and constant monitoring of the highest standard of VarseoWax resins ensures the highest quality for each batch of the product.

A detailed list of resins available for the Varseo VarseoWax CAD / Cast 3D printing system – resin for 3D printing of partial plates of skeletal dentures and other works performed in the CAD / Cast technology. The material burns without residue, thus ensuring that the work is performed in an optimal way, without the formation of pores. The dentures are made with high precision, a
their surface remains smooth. The resin expansion is adapted to the BEGO VarseoVest P refractory mass, which can be used in the “fast” technique, which significantly reduces the working time. Objects printed with VarseoWax CAD / Cast are characterized by excellent shape stability, which translates into an undisturbed pouring process with the investment material, without deformation. This guarantees a perfect fit of the cast works. Printed denture plates ensure high durability, thanks to which the works do not need to be additionally cured with light if the works are continued immediately after printing (time saving). VarseoWax Model – resin for printing models in 3D technology. It is suitable for full and partial implant models, folding models, full or hollow. The excellent shape stability of the printed objects provides the ideal basis for precise, smooth surfaces without pores. The printout from the VarseoWax Model can be covered with a wax insulator. The printed model is resistant to moisture and hassle-free when cleaning. Working with the printed model is similar to working with a conventional plaster model. The opaque color of the printout allows the optimum identification of all model contours and the preparation margin on the pillars – an excellent basis for particularly high-precision work. The possibility of duplication in silicone mass or hydrocolloid mass provides the material with a wide range of applications. Full construction models are suitable for foil stamping. VarseoWax Surgical Guide – resin for printing surgical templates and other tools / elements helpful in implant prosthetics.

Material with high chemical resistance. The printed objects can be cleaned and disinfected in a simple, conventional way. The 3D printing parameters are matched to the fabrication of surgical templates, ensuring an accurate representation of the shapes around the drill collets. Extremely short production times and low material consumption support effective cost management in production.

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