Photocentric Laser UV SLA

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UV Laser resin for 3D printers that use 405nm laser wave length like DWS Systems, Formlabs, Moai and other.


Available resins:
  • Castable UV
    UV Castable resin for 3D laser printers has been developed to produce high-quality molds. It burns almost without residue and, as the temperature increases, it evenly releases gases without causing a sharp increase in pressure in the casting. Ensures the capture of every detail and a dry surface for the perfect finish of every casting.
  • Flexible UV
    Flexible UV resin for 3D laser printers is ideal for printing components that retain some flexibility but are also hard. Objects can be crushed to a certain extent, and after the strength subsides they return to their original form
  • Firm UV
    Firm UV resin for 3D laser printers is designed for printing elements with very high hardness requirements while maintaining their elasticity. Printed elements still show some flexibility under pressure and are slightly stretchy.

  • Hard UV
    UV Hard resin for 3D laser printers is characterized by the highest degree of hardness and is ideal for making very hard incompressible objects. This resin is fast curing and shows some shrinkage. The printed elements are resistant to high pressure and stretching.

  • High Tensile UV
    High Tensile UV resin for 3D laser printers has been optimized for printing with the highest possible tensile strength. It is intended for use wherever the durability of printed elements is the most important. Provides perfect reproduction of all model details and obtaining good print resolution.

  • Tough UV
    UV Tough resin for 3D laser printers is a perfect compromise between other available resins and is ideal for printing functional parts. It is very hard, quite durable and very flexible, which makes it an ideal choice if we need to get a hard plastic model.

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