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Bambu Lab X1E + AMS


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The Bambu Lab X1E


The Bambu Lab X1E 3D printer is a professional device, compatible with a wide range of filaments – from classic PLA to advanced technical filaments such as PPA or PPS. Bambu Lab X1E is equipped with a heated chamber up to 60°C, triple air filtration with a HEPA H12 filter, an Ethernet port and the ability to disconnect from the network. It was created for users who place great emphasis on data security on the network and is equipped with a number of security features.

Stable Ethernet connection

The Bambu X1E printer has an Ethernet port that guarantees stable network communication, thanks to which it can be connected to other devices. In places such as large companies, the wireless signal may be disrupted due to the large number of other devices using this method of information transfer. Connecting via Ethernet is the best option because it ensures fast and stable data transmission.


WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi authentication

The X1E printer is equipped with Wi-Fi connection authorization based on the WPA2-Enterprise standard – user authentication is required before gaining access to the network. This technology is more advanced than a traditional Wi-Fi password, keeping your network secure and protecting against unauthorized access.


Individual KillSwitches

Thanks to the KillSwitch function, it is possible to immediately disconnect the device from network access. This function is extremely useful when it is necessary to quickly disconnect the connection – for example in a security threat situation. The Bambu X1E printer has physical KillSwich switches for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.


High safety standards

The above-mentioned functions – authorization based on WPA2-Enterprise, stable connection via Ethernet and individual KillSwitches for Wi-Fi and Ethernet – make the network security guaranteed by the Bambu X1E printer at the highest level. This makes the device an ideal choice for companies, organizations and individual users who care about protecting their data and networks against potential threats, combined with the advanced technical capabilities of a 3D printer.


How is Bambu X1E constructed?

The printer frame is made of steel, creating a working area of ​​256 x 256 x 256 mm. The aluminum housing combined with the glass door give the printer an aesthetic finish.

The hotend, made entirely of metal, has been improved so that it can reach temperatures of up to 320°C. The extruder knurls and nozzle are made of hardened steel. The set includes a hotend with a Bambu Hardened Steel 0.4 mm nozzle, but you can also buy nozzles in other sizes.

Carbon fiber-reinforced rods used in the printer, combined with the reduced weight of moving parts, allowed the head to be accelerated to up to 20,000 mm/s2, which makes it possible to achieve high printing speeds – up to 500 mm/s – and maintain it for a longer time. Thanks to this, the overall printing time is shorter.

The Build Plate used in the printer is made of flexible steel and additionally equipped with a Bambu Smooth PEI Plate pad.


New air filtration technology

To effectively get rid of debris and volatile compounds (VOCs) released during 3D printing, Bambu X1E is equipped with a three-stage filter. It consists of initial G13, actual HEPA H12 and a layer of activated carbon derived from coconut shells. This improved filtration allows the printer to be placed in less ventilated rooms, even when printing with filaments that tend to emit unpleasant odors and harmful fumes.


Temperature control

The printer is equipped with an active heating function and chamber temperature regulation up to 60°C. This improves the quality of prints, especially in the case of models made of filaments prone to curling, e.g. ABS or PC. When printing with controlled temperature inside the printer, the adhesion of individual layers is better, making the models less susceptible to defects related to improper connection of layers.

Information on how to set the chamber temperature in the X1E printer can be found on the manufacturer’s website.


Error detection and reduction

Vibrations generated when moving the head in the XY axes and small discontinuities in the extrusion can significantly affect the print quality. The X1E printer compensates for their negative effects, so the filament is extruded evenly and stably, ensuring the best quality of the models. This function is fully automatic and does not require manual setting in the device.

Thanks to the use of an AI algorithm, in cooperation with the LIDAR system and computer vision, the printer is able to detect defects and threading in the first layer of the print. When an error is found, it automatically stops the printing process to avoid unnecessary use of filament on a failed model.


What filaments can be used with the X1E printer?

Bambu X1E can be used with a really wide range of filaments, starting from classic and easy-to-use PLA and PETG, to advanced and demanding professional technical materials such as PPA, PPS, PPA-CF/GF, or PPS-CF. The X1E has a significant advantage over other printers when using filaments reinforced with carbon or glass fibers and those with increased requirements for printing parameters, including: ABS, PET and ASA. Thanks to the additional cooling system, Bambu X1E enables printing from more demanding materials such as PA, PC, PET and TPU.

Below is the compatibility of the X1E with specific types of filaments:

Filament type X1E Copatibility
Reinforced with carbon fiber (PLA, PETG, PA, PET, PC, ABS, ASA)Ideal


Cooperation with Automatic Material System

The Bambu X1 printer includes the AMS system, which expands the user’s capabilities with the ability to automatically print with many variants of material.

Connecting up to four AMS units thanks to the AMS Hub allows you to print with up to 16 filament spools. The simultaneous use of many colors, but also appropriate support, allows you to create refined, structurally and color-complex models.

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Weight24 kg

X1-Carbon Tech Specs

Build Volume (W×D×H)256 × 256 × 256 mm³
Nozzle0.4 mm Hardened Steel Included
Max Hot End Temperature300 ℃
Filament Diameter1.75 mm
Supported FilamentPLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA, PVA, PET
Ideal for PA, PC, Carbon/ Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Build Plate SurfaceBambu Textured PEI Plate / Bambu Cool Plate (Pre-installed, Random)
Max Build Plate Temperature110℃@220V, 120℃@110V
Max Speed of Tool Head500 mm/s
Max Acceleration of Tool Head20 m/s²
Physical Dimensions389 × 389 × 457 mm³, Package size 480 × 480 × 590 mm³,
Net weight 14.13 kg, Gross weight(AMS included) 22.3 kg
Electrical Requirements100-240 VAC, 50/60 H, 1000W@220V, 350W@110V
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