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Applylabwork DLP Modeling Clear


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  • Unlock the Beauty of Translucency with DLP Clear Resin – Perfect for Crystal-Clear Models
  • Formulated to print on SprintRay Pro, MoonRay D and S

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Only 1 left in stock

Applylabwork DLP Modeling Clear

Experience the unparalleled clarity and translucency of DLP Clear Resin, ideal for creating models that require exceptional visual appeal. This resin ensures minimal yellowing even after post-curing, preserving the pristine clarity of your prints.

Product Features of DLP Clear Resin:

  • Calibrated for SprintRay’s MoonRay Printers: DLP Clear Resin is meticulously calibrated to deliver outstanding results on SprintRay’s MoonRay printers. Achieve optimal performance and compatibility by selecting the Gray Material Selection for flawless prints.
  • Designed for DLP Printers: This resin is specifically formulated for use with DLP (Digital Light Processing) type printers. Please note that it is not suitable for SLA (Stereolithography) Laser type printers.
  • Impressive Tensile Strength and Elongation: DLP Clear Resin boasts an impressive tensile strength ranging from 62 to 70 megapascals (Mpa), ensuring strong and durable prints. With an elongation rate of 1-5%, this resin offers the necessary flexibility for intricate designs.
  • VOC Free with Very Low Odor: Your safety and comfort are our utmost priority. DLP Clear Resin is VOC-free, providing a healthier and more environmentally friendly 3D printing experience. Additionally, it features a very low odor, creating a pleasant printing environment.

Explore the world of crystal-clear models with DLP Clear Resin. Whether for architectural designs, artistic creations, or other projects that demand transparency and clarity, this resin delivers exceptional results. Calibrated for SprintRay’s MoonRay printers, boasting impressive tensile strength, and featuring a VOC-free formulation, DLP Clear Resin is the ultimate choice for achieving stunning, high-quality prints. Experience the brilliance today.

Product Details

Size:1 Liter
Material:Acrylate-based Polymer for 3D Printing
Elongation(%):1 – 5
Impact(J/m):28 – 30
Hardness(Shore):86 – 88D
Flexural Strength(MPa):82 – 90
Flexure Modulus (MPa):1700 – 2000
Tear Strength(kN/m):
Viscosity at 77°F/25°C:340 – 380
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