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Photocentric Laser UV SLA

 65.00 75.00 (vat excl.)
UV Laser resin for 3D printers that use 405nm laser wave length like DWS Systems, Formlabs, Moai and other.

Peopoly FEP Film for Phenom

 25.00  22.50 (vat excl.)
Thickness: 100um Size: 300x170mm

Phrozen Sonic

 1,485.00  1,400.00 (vat excl.)
The Ultra-Fast LCD 3D Printer – Phrozen Sonic The new LCD is much more transparent allowing for very fast layer times upto 0.5 sec cure time per layer for 50 micron. The new ParaLED 3.0 module is specifically designed for mono-LCD. Featuring higher effieciency and better thermal dissipation

Phrozen Shuffle LITE

 594.00  555.00 (vat excl.)
- Totally NEW product from Phrozen - Entry level 3D printer affordable for everyone - Great quality prints with 47um XY resolution - Very stable Z-axis

Phrozen Transform – preorder

 2,065.00  1,899.00 (vat excl.)
- Ultra big build volume 292 x 165 x 400mm - 76 microns resolution, 4K – 3840 x 2160 - One of the biggest LCD UV printers on market - Very stable Z-axis


 1,999.00  1,899.00 (vat excl.)

Phenom is the latest 3D printer by Peopoly. Unlike the brand’s previous printers in the Moai series (which use laser), Phenom uses the MSLA (LCD+LED) approach.

Print volume: 276 x 155 x 400 mm Resolution: 72 um Technology: MSLA 3D Printing

Available for pre-order! Next batch expected end of December.


Phrozen Shuffle 4K

 1,499.00  1,362.00 (vat excl.)
- Best 4K resolution LCD UV resin printer on market - 31 microns resolution - 120 x 68 x 200 mm build volume - Featured on Kickstarter New stock expected early December.

Phrozen Shuffle 2019 edition

 908.00  879.00 (vat excl.)
- Best resolution LCD UV resin printer on market - 47 microns resolution - 120 x 68 x 200 mm build volume - Featured on Kickstarter

Zortrax Inkspire

 1,695.00  1,610.25 (vat excl.)
- UV LCD is up to 8x faster than SLA. UV LCD is up to 9x more precise than SLA. - Working speed is 20-36 mm / h. - The XY resolution yields 50x50 microns. - The minimum layer height is 25 microns. - The possibility of serial production. - Compatible with 405 nm resins. - The .zcodex and .cws file formats are supported. - Intuitive touch interface. - The working area measures 74x132x175 mm. - Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

Photocentric Daylight

 64.00 79.00 (vat excl.)
Daylight resins for use only with Photocentric 3D Printers.

Photocentric UV LCD

 62.00 (vat excl.)
UV resin for 3D printers that use LCD screens to display: Wanhao Duplicator 7, AnyCubic Photon, Phrozen Shuffle and many more.

Liquid Cristal PRO

 5,900.00  5,500.00 (vat excl.)
- affordable daylight resins - a new type of resin cuvette - LCD printer - large working area